Surveillance System

Remote 24/7 monitoring of the situation around offshore assets is a mandatory requirement for ensuring safety. To achieve this, we utilize a range of sensors including radars, AIS, CCTV, and weather sensors. Our system incorporates cutting-edge technologies and employs advanced algorithms for efficient data processing. The result is a live remote picture of the situation around offshore assets, allowing for immediate alerts in the event of malfunctions or potential threats.

The system
covers all critical aspects of offshore surveillance

Monitoring of 500m safety zone

Real-time monitoring the 500-meter safety zone is crucial for maintaining security. Our system not only and tracks vessel entry into this zone but also verifies the authorization of vessels. Unauthorized attempts to enter the safety zone trigger alarms, immediately alerting security personnel. To enhance surveillance and evidence collection, the system utilizes a CCTV system, enabling close monitoring and visual surveillance of intruding vessels.


Monitoring of unmanned installations

Enabling situational awareness without on-site personnel, our system facilitates remote monitoring of unmanned platforms. This ensures continuous live access and immediate alarm notifications for any malfunctions. Such capability guarantees vigilant oversight and swift responses to emerging issues on unmanned platforms.

Long-range monitoring

With an extensive range covering up to 30 nautical miles, our system boasts advanced prediction and early collision warning features, empowering proactive risk management. Additionally, it facilitates real-time tracking of service vessels navigating between platforms. Accurate vessel location data optimizes operations, enhances safety, and streamlines movements between platforms.

Onshore control center

A centralized control hub situated onshore enables efficient monitoring and management of multiple offshore installations. The system provides a comprehensive view, enabling remote operators, even from coastal control centers, to effectively monitor and control offshore situations. This capability ensures seamless remote management and informed decision-making, irrespective of physical location.

Helideck monitoring

Our system comprehensively monitors various parameters during helideck operations. Offering real-time data and alerts, it empowers operators to manage helicopter take-offs and landings with precision. Notable features encompass helideck status assessment, precise weather condition updates, helideck motion tracking, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Sea state and weather monitoring

Precise sea state assessment, including wave conditions, and thorough weather monitoring encompassing wind, temperature, and precipitation contribute to informed navigation and safety decisions. Accurate monitoring amplifies operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and the well-being of both crew and vessels.

ATEX-certified equipment

Our range of equipment options is purposefully designed and ATEX-certified for deployment in hazardous zones. Compliance with safety regulations ensures secure operations in environments containing explosive gases, vapors, dust, or flammable substances, underscoring our commitment to safety and regulatory adherence.

Key Features

  • Consolidated view of critical data on a single screen
  • Sensor information overlaid on electronic charts
  • Support for multiple operators with different access levels
  • Redundancy for enhanced reliability and minimal downtime
  • Customization options to meet specific needs
  • Scalability and expandability after installation

How it Works