Satellite Communication

Marintel has a team of maritime engineers with diverse skills and qualifications who can perform a variety of vessel annual surveys and annual performance tests (APT) to ensure safety compliance for different Class societies.


Our services cover a range of areas, including:

  • GMDSS Radio and AIS Survey and Inspection
  • Voyage Data Recorder VDR Annual Performance Test (APT)
  • Magnetic Compass Adjustment and Deviation Removal

Onboard annual maintenance services

Our maritime engineers are also qualified to carry out onboard annual maintenance services of integral maritime equipment such as vessel gyro compasses, marine radars, and bridge communication and navigational systems.
Our skilled engineers are fully equipped to handle various equipment servicing, routine maintenance, repairs, and comprehensive inspections.

Extending product life cycle

Whether you require radar calibration, antenna alignment, software updates, or any other Communication and Navigational- related service, our experienced engineers are ready to assist you. With our service capabilities, you can enhance the reliability, accuracy, and overall performance of your vessel’s systems, promoting safer and more efficient maritime operations.

We are here 24/7

To arrange an annual survey, maintenance service, or repair for your vessel, including radar service
and inspection, please contact us.